I am a photographer

This blog is useless. I had the idea of writing my travel stories in the Dominican Republic, but as a photographer, this is something I do only when I have time, and apparently I am loosing interest, and it´s not something I really want to do now. On the other hand, I need a blog to talk about my life as a photographer. I feel the need to write about my assignments and my personal work, my free time and my interests, so I have decided to expand my idea for this blog to something wider and realistic. Expect more soon.


The Deep South

Deep South Dominican Republic

That´s how Dominicans call the region that is near the Haiti border. Geographically it is rather west, but once you arrive there you understand that the name is well given and you tell to yourself that on your experience the “deep south” concept is rather similar in every country and it corresponds to a feeling and a pace, rather than an orientation, so the name fits great.

The minute you pass Azua, only 70 kms. away from Santo Domingo, you find yourself in a small and ruined road, that follows faithfully every hill and valley, and that makes your car creak like a middle age chariot. Some stretches of the road seem to be under renovation since the forgotten ages, and are no more than rural dusty tracks without safety signs nor posts where you can easily have the feeling that you are lost.  On a week day, the road is almost empty, and you only cross from time to time some machines that are as old as the asphalt and 100cc. mopeds carrying a complete family of four members without helmets, lights and mirrors. The road to the deep south is timeless and quiet, and you feel you are witnessing an unfinished work with small constructions along the way. Some were apparently shops at some point, some are just lonely houses, and other are an absolute unknown.

Deep South Dominican RepublicDeep South Dominican RepublicDeep South Dominican Republic Deep South Dominican RepublicDeep South Dominican Republic Deep South Dominican RepublicDeep South Dominican Republic

Palms. Palms. Palms.


Dominican Republic, right in the middle of the Caribbean. A country that keeps wonderful natural secrets and a lot of amazing corners to discover. A place where you can find some of the best options in the world for beach and nature tourism. Pristine shores, rainforests, colonial cities, wildlife, coral reefs… Those are only some factors speaking about this country.

Also, The Hispaniola island holds the first city developed in the New World: Santo Domingo. The first hospital, the first university, and the first church, amongst others, were built here before than anywhere else in America. Every here and there you can find History come to life, and not just after Columbus.

A country that is absolutely worth a while and that I would love to approach for all curious readers, avid off resort tourists, and fellow photographers. Stay tuned! More coming soon.


Welcome to My Travel Stories and Photography Blog

photographer travel caribbean area

Hi, this is my first post and I wish to welcome you all to my Travel Stories and Photography blog. The site has been created to write about my travels and experiences around the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean area. There are many stories that are worth being told about this paradise that shines in sweating beauty and is surely full of surprises. I arrived here two years ago from Spain, which is my home land, looking for new projects and experiences and I should have kept a blog from the beginning, even if I am only doing it now.

I am a freelance photographer whose job has appeared on different media and magazines such as The Guardian, El Mundo, New York Times, Telemundo, Mail on Sunday, Noticias Mundo Fox, Dominican Today, Daily News, Huffington Post, Elle and others. I belong to the US National Press Photographer Association and my images are distributed by Getty Images.